Daily Observations

Varied Thrush

I had a relatively busy day at school, but took some time to go spend some time looking for a longspur that’s been seen at a local feeder the last few days.

Weather: Wind seemed to be fairly calm for most of the day. Overcast with a couple of brief periods of rain and an occasional small break in the clouds. This evening a rain shower and cloud break lined up in such a way to make a pretty bright rainbow behind the house.


I apparently just missed the longspur by a few minutes this afternoon. While I was waiting, I saw a couple of Steller’s Jays, several warblers, lots of Dark-eyed Juncos, a Song Sparrow or two, and a Varied Thrush.

I did ride by the lake, but didn’t notice anything that looked unusual (other than the now-usual Swedish Ducks) and I did not stop.

Saw quite a few warblers this morning near our house and in the trees by Yaw. I didn’t get very good looks at them, however.

The neighbor cat caught a Savannah Sparrow this afternoon.

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