Daily Observations

Sunset over Crescent Bay

I was grateful for a second day without rain and only light breezes, as I had planned a birding cruise. The weather cooperated wonderfully, and we were able to go out beyond St. Lazaria to look for Horned Puffins in fairly light seas.

Weather: For a second day in a row it was mostly cloudy. I did feel a couple of drops of rain, but not enough to even notice on the ground. This evening there was a pretty colorful sunset, though it did not extend over the full sky.

Birds: This morning I saw a Golden-crowned Sparrow in the backyard as well as a Red-breasted Sapsucker and a Hairy Woodpecker.

While preparing the boat for the cruise, there were several swallows flying around the Allen Marine dock. They were probably Barn Swallows or Cliff Swallows.

On the birding cruise we saw several species of birds, but one highlight for me was getting to see Horned Puffins.

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