Recent Observations

Connor and Rowan Look for Birds

Flora: Many umbels are blooming, as are the fireweed and yarrow.  Most other plants are pretty much done blooming.

The red huckleberries are ripe, though they are not all that abundant.

The deer heart are starting to die back.

I saw some ripe raspberries on Etolin Street.  We have one raspberry getting ripe in the backyard.

Birds:  Fall shorebird migration seems to be going strong.  I have seen many Least Sandpipers, a few Spotted Sandpipers, at least a couple of Yellowlegs, a Western Sandpiper, and Black Turnstones down at the park.

Some warblers have started to move through as well.  I have seen Wilson’s Warblers a couple of times.

The hummingbirds were actively feeding in the fireweed patch at the end of the park today.

Other Notes:   Connor and Rowan seemed to enjoy spending time down at the beach today. We went for a walk and ended up taking quite a bit longer than I intended. They played while I tried to get photos of shorebirds.  I noticed that as the tide got higher, more and more of the sandpipers moved up to the seaweed washed up at the high tide line.  Connor and Rowan were playing up there, and on a number of occasions the birds flew very near to them.  In the photo above they are trying to walk slowly and spot the birds before they fly away.

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