Daily Observations


I had two tours today with Allen Marine.  Both of them were Sea Otter and Wildlife Quest tours, so we did not have any beach walks.

Weather:  It was overcast this morning, with some partial clearing in the afternoon.  Winds seemed to be pretty calm.  On the way back in to Jamestown Bay after the tours, there was a rainbow.  It started out fairly faint, but ended up being one of the most intense I have seen.

Birds:  On the morning tour we went out to St. Lazaria and got to see the birds out there.

On the second tour, we had stopped to watch a whale near Redoubt and I noticed flock of about 5 black birds flying.  At first I thought they might be geese based on the way they were flying, but a quick look in my camera made me conclude they were cormorants (based on the black color).  Watching the whale distracted me from the birds for a few minutes until the captain asked me about them.  He was confident they were not cormorants, so we decided they were probably Brants.

The phalaropes seem to be getting more abundant.  I saw a few in Crescent Bay today (though I doubt they would have been visible from shore).

Other Notes:  There was a doe and a fawn in a small cove near the head of Redoubt Bay.

There were a couple of folks dipnetting in the right falls at Redoubt.  We did not see them pull anything in, however.

We were treated to some pretty spectacular breaching by a whale on the second tour (more on that on a later entry).


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