Recent Observations


Weather: It has been overcast with some rain over the last couple of days. There has been a little breeze, but not much. Each day has seen a brief period of sun, usually in the evening.

Birds: Hermit and Swainson’s Thrushes are still singing frequently. I hear American Robins and Winter Wrens as well. I have been regularly hearing starlings, probably a family, in the area of the house, though I have not seen them. I also saw a flock of maybe 10-20 starlings feeding on the beach at Totem Park. Along Westwood Trail there was a family of Winter Wrens. The young were flying pretty good, so I figure they had been out of the nest for a little while.

Flora: On a walk to the park with the kids on Saturday, it appeared that single delight was near its blooming peak, beach greens were probably just past their peak, silverweed was blooming, beach milkwort was near its peak, the fringe cup near the beach was blooming, trailing black currants had green berries, crabapple trees appeared to be near their blooming peak, as were western Mt. Ash. Purple sweet-cicely is well on its way to producing seeds, I saw some green salmonberries, but also some salmonberry blooms.

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