Daily Observations

Weather: There was a layer of low-level clouds early that cleared off by mid-morning. Fog remained off-shore of town, though it partially encircled Mt. Edgecumbe. There was a pretty good breeze blowing this evening.

Birds: I was awakened by a bird calling just outside my window. It was a call that seemed vaguely familliar, but unfortunately I couldn’t get my eyes to work soon enough to see it. I went outside to try and get a recording, but it had left the neighborhood by the time I got set up. There were Swainson’s Thrushes, Juncos, and a Flicker calling at various times through the early to mid-morning.

The Tree Swallow nest across from the fire station was quiet today when I rode by around noon.

Other Notes: I saw a Morning Cloak butterfly on Etolin Street today.

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