Slime Mold

A couple of days ago, Rowan found what I took to be a slime mold growing on the end of a cut log. I took the following picture of a part of it:
Slime Mold
I did not have my macro flash and it was located in a rather shaded part of the park, so I was unable to get a good photo of it. “No problem,” I thought. I’ll just come back and get another picture later.

So I went back today with my macro flash to get a better picture. What I found was completely different. Here is the photo I got today:
Slime Mold
It appears that a millipede or something was eating on it. There was another one on a separate glob of it. This change occured in less than 48 hours.

Slime molds seem like pretty interesting oraganisms. I would like to find out more. Maybe someone who happens across this entry can shed some light on what was going on with this.

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