Daily Observations

Evening Light

I was able to get out on a hike in Indian River Valley today. I explored a little bit in some of the off-trail muskegs before walking up to the first bridge and then back home.

Weather: The day started out overcast without rain, but by late morning a light rain had started. The rain continued through the afternoon until the evening when the clouds broke up and the sun shone through for an hour or so before sunset. There was a low layer of clouds that obscured the mountains for much of the day, though periodically it would break up a little bit.

Birds: I heard a Golden-crowned Sparrow singing outside the house this morning.

I was able to observe quite a few birds on my hike. Of particular note was a flycatcher I saw along Indian River. I think it was a Pacific Slope Flycatcher. I also saw three Varied Thrush, with two of them (a male and a female) seeming pretty attached to a particular location. It made me wonder if they had a nest in the immediate vicinity.

Flora: There was definitely a difference in the extent of spring growth as I went up the valley. It seemed like the alders were at least a few days behind the ones near the house. I did see a few plants blooming, including blueberries, skunk cabbage, fern-leaf goldthread, stream violets, a single crowberry, a couple of three-leaf goldthreads, and a sedge. I think in the next couple of weeks there will be quite a few more plants blooming as I did notice flower buds on a number of plants.

There were a few bog cranberries that survived the winter. They are still tart, but not quite so much as in the fall.

Other Notes: I had heard from someone the other day that some steelhead had made it into the flume. On my way to Indian River I went by the flume and saw one in there.

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