Daily Observations

Least Sandpiper

Weather: Weather was sunny with a light breeze. The air temperature was cool enough that the breeze made it seem a little chilly, but in a location where the air was calm and the sun was shining, it felt pleasantly warm.

Birds: Got a ride out with a couple of folks I know to check out a goose they had seen the night before. It was a Greater White-fronted Goose. Along with it were a number of Mallards and Northern Shovelers.

Later in the afternoon, Melissa, the kids, and I went for a walk along the beach at Totem Park. There was a lone Least Sandpiper on the beach near the visitor’s center. There were quite a few Savannah Sparrows along the upper part of the beach throughout. We saw a Marbled Godwit getting some rest at the south end of the beach near a mixed flock of gulls. In the river mouth there were some Mallards and at least one Green-winged Teal.

Flora: The trailing currants are blooming along the beach. The purple sweet-cicely is also blooming in the park.

Other Notes: I saw the first of the white butterflies that are fairly common around here flitting across the end of Lincoln Street.

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