Daily Observations

Morning Sunlight on Mt. Edgecumbe

It was a pretty busy day. I did not think that I would have time to go for a walk later in the day, so I got out a little earlier than usual and took a quick walk through the park before class. The tide was up fairly high. Later in the evening, it seemed nice out, so Connor, Rowan, and I all took a walk to the park. We had to brave a bit of a rain squall, but the sun came out as we were on our way back. As I was getting ready for bed sometime after 10pm, I noticed the sky was still light in the Northwest. Summer is coming.

Weather: It was mostly cloudy throughout the day with occasional breaks in the clouds. Winds were calm in the morning, but in the evening there was a good breeze out of the south during a little rain squall. As the squall cleared, we were treated to a partial rainbow.

Birds: I took a quick walk down to the park before class this morning and did not see any shorebirds or gulls, and the only ducks I saw were mergansers along the west beach. The tide was in, so that may have had something to do with it. Later in the evening I went with Connor and Rowan and again the tide was in. We saw some Common Mergansers off Sage Beach, we saw a pair of Red-breasted Mergansers off the west beach in Totem Park, and we saw a Great Blue Heron fly in at the battle site. There was also a starling in a tree right over the trail. It did not seem too inclined to move, but I do not know why it was there.

Flora: There are lots of blueberry flowers and the leaves are starting to come out. The huckleberry buds have started to break open.

There were some plants that I think are lilies up a few inches along the park trail through the battle site alders. I do not remember seeing lilies there before (though they are common enough, it might just be that I failed to make note of it previously).

The salmonberry flower buds are getting large, but still not opening up along the beach side of Lincoln Street. On the other side of Lincoln Street I have not even seen any visible. I do not know why there would be such a difference how far along they are with such a short distance between them.

The trailing currant leaves are completely out now (though they will continue to grow larger in size for awhile longer).

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