Daily Observations

Double-crested Cormorant

Weather: It was partly cloudy throughout the day, with clouds increasing in late afternoon. Winds increased in the afternoon, with a pretty good breeze coming out of the west. Temperatures were warm, but the wind made it feel much cooler.

Birds: In addition to the Winter Wren singing this morning, I also heard an American Robin.

I went and looked for Spot-billed Ducks again today. I was able to find a few Mallards, all but two of them in the same place I saw them yesterday along Shotgun Alley, though without the kids I also went down Cedar Beach Road and Blueberry Lane. Down Blueberry Lane I observed the other two Mallards. There is also a rock visible from the end of the lane where Cormorants, gulls, and mergansers were all resting. I had never really thought about the name “Double-crested Cormorant” before. It obviously implies that the bird should have two crests, but I do not recall ever seeing one with any crests until today. I guess they are birds I normally seen in winter.

On my way back from looking for the ducks, I took a quick walk through Totem Park. The tide was just starting to go back out and I did not see any shorebirds. There were a few Mallards and Common Mergansers at the mouth of the river.

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