Crow Behavior


This morning between classes I observed the crow seen here. I did not notice it until I had already walked underneath it (how’s that for awareness?) at which point it made a gurgling sound that caught my ear. It was a sound that reminded me of a cross between a laugh and gurgling water. It only made the sound a couple of times and I did not get a good look at it while it was making the call, so I am not sure what it was doing. During the time I watched it, it cawed a few times and also made an interesting clicking sound (presumably with its beak). It would point its head downward with the beak near its breast and make the clicks (it was doing this when I took the picture). It did this a few times while I was observing. This bird also kept one of its feet raised. I did not notice it right away, so I am unsure whether it had its foot up the whole time or not.

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