Western Screech Owls

Went for a walk on Tuesday (12 April) and heard what sounded like a couple of screech owls calling back and forth at the edge of Totem Park. I was a little surprised at this since it was the middle of the afternoon. I went back that evening and heard them again around 7pm and then again when I stopped by around 8:30pm. I tried to locate them so I could try taking a picture, but their calling would stop before I could really figure out where exactly they were. I think it’s probably likely that my thrashing about in the woods made them less inclined to vocalize as I got close. Later that evening we also heard an owl calling outside our house (at around 11pm). Given the proximity of the wooded area behind our house and where I heard the owls in the afternoon, it is possible that the bird we heard at night was one of the ones I had heard earlier.

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