Beaver Lake Hike

Went on a family hike to Beaver Lake today. The hummingbirds were quite active on the hillside. There seemed to be at least two hanging around near where the trail reaches the top of the hill. On the way up, we only caught a couple of glimpses, but I had difficulty tracking them with my eyes even though they were very easy to hear. On the way back, I noticed that at least one (and it seemed like a couple of them) were making rounds from perch to perch. I managed to get a couple of decent pictures after this realization. Once we reached the top of the hill, we heard many other birds singing as well. The ruby crowned kinglets seemed especially vocal, and there was a song that I did not recognize.

Plants were noticably further along than last Friday when Jonathan and I hiked the trail. The false hellebore was up more and I noticed horsetails coming up near the start of the hill section. There were still some cranberries from last fall that we found. Connor really liked them, so I let him eat most of the ones I picked. There is still some ice on the smaller back pond. I saw a couple of grayling in the outlet stream somewhat downriver from the lake. They looked like they might be 8-10 inches long, or so.

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