Bird Notes

I woke up to the winter wrens singing before 6am. The birds are definitely getting more vocal. Connor and I went for a walk and made it down to the beach before 7am. While we were there, I got some video of a kingfisher as it was fishing off of the pilings near the hatchery. As I was trying to find a better position for videotaping the kingfisher, a song sparrow flew up to a nearby rock and started singing quietly. I videotaped it as well, but I think its song may be obscured by the noise of the water flowing out of pipes from the hatchery.

After lunch, Melissa, Connor, and I walked by the flume. We heard a dipper singing and stopped to listen. It sang at the top of the falls for a while before flying down below the falls to look for food. It fed much like the dipper I had previously observed along Indian River. We watched as it caught and ate 6 or 7 salmon fry. It seemed to have little difficulty catching the fry. The one I had seen along Indian River appeared to work harder for its food.

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