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Signs of Spring

Yesterday I noticed quite a few gulls at Swan Lake (many Thayer’s Gulls in particular) as well as numerous gulls near the base of O’Connell bridge. I suspected an influx of migrants, but regrettably did not think to take a … Continue reading

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Golden-crowned Sparrow in Blueberries

I was a little surprised to see three Golden-crowned Sparrows fly into the blueberry bush in our yard and start eating the flowers. At first I didn’t realize that’s what they were doing, but I got my binoculars out and … Continue reading

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Sunny Day with Kids

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It was a pleasant sunny day. The kids spent time down at the beach this morning, bringing back a starry flounder for me to photograph. This afternoon we walked over to UAS.

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Herring and Rain

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Today was the first opening of the 2011 Sitka Sound Herring Sac Roe Fishery. It was held in the afternoon near Middle Island. I don’t think it was close enough to see from the road, but it did not matter … Continue reading

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Early Spring

After 3 cold springs in a row, it’s been kind of refreshing to have this year’s warmth in late winter, and an early start to Spring. There’s still a decent chance of below freezing temperatures and/or snow to come in … Continue reading

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9 May Photos: Walk to Totem Park

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