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3 January Photos: Winter Bird Watching

Connor and I had a good time watching Bohemian Waxwings and Yellow-rumped Warblers on Hemlock Street today. The birds were quite cooperative.

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30 December Photo: Afternoon Light over Crescent Bay

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22 December Photos: Sunset

I managed to catch some interesting light by the cove at the base of O’Connell Bridge.

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Can Harbor Seals Smell Danger?

Back on the first of October, I mentioned seeing interesting Harbor Seal behavior while at Totem Park. The photo above shows three of the 5 seals I saw in the same confined area while at the park that day. Though … Continue reading

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American Tree Sparrow

Today’s American Tree Sparrow was a new Sitka area bird for me. I probably would not have seen it, except I stopped to watch two Golden-crowned Sparrows feeding along Moller Track. They went up into the trees at the edge … Continue reading

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Daily Observations

I dropped Connor off at school this morning then picked him up this afternoon. He and I went down to Thompson Harbor to see if any birds were around there. Prior to getting him from school, I took a quick … Continue reading

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