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Sea Otters (and Herring?)

Over the past couple of decades or more, sea otters numbers have increased dramatically in Sitka Sound. When I was growing up, I don’t remember seeing any sea otters until probably the early or mid-90s, and that was up close … Continue reading

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Snow Flurries

Although temperatures had warmed up enough overnight for precipitation to fall as rain first thing this morning, it did not take long for things to cool off again and the snow to return. The forecast had been for rain and … Continue reading

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Gallery: 20101212 Sea Otter

I was a little surprised to see how close this Sea Otter (Enhydra lutris) was to the shore along Halibut Point Road. It was probably within 10 yards, apparently finding food to eat. Note the open wound on this animal’s … Continue reading

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Sea Mart Sea Otter

Early in January I noticed a Sea Otter feeding in the kelp patch right off the Sea Mart Parking lot. The juvenile gull pictured here followed it around pretty closely, presumably hoping to grab a scrap or two from what … Continue reading

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SeaMart Wildlife

Pictures taken from SeaMart parking lot of animals in the kelp beds just off the beach.

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