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Walk to Totem Park

Pictures from a walk to Totem Park.

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Kamenoi Point to Mountain Point

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Song Sparrows

20120415_SOSP_Etolin_Street_Donnelly_Yard-3 I went for a walk this morning and saw some Song Sparrows getting in to it along Etolin Street. The recording above is one singing in the Donnelley’s yard, it had been trading songs with another one across the … Continue reading

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Sit Spot Challenge Day 16

See Sit Spot Challenge at Kamana.org for more about the challenge. Time of sit: 6:50pm-7:10pm I came back from a walk around Totem Park and decided to sit while the sun was still shining on the front of the house. … Continue reading

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Frozen Earth

Over the past couple of weeks, illness, family, work, and house have to varying degrees made it difficult for me to keep up with my intention to post daily. It’s often the case that I look back on these down … Continue reading

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Herring Cove to Bear Mountain Waterfall

I’m trying to get out with the kids on at least a short hike once or twice a week. On at least one trip a week I would like to make sure we go up a significant hill. Hopefully starting … Continue reading

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