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Crow Behavior Mystery

While down at the beach checking out the shorebirds, I happened to catch an odd sort of interaction between several crows. I was able to get three different ~1minute video clips and posted to youtube the one with the best … Continue reading

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Northwestern Crow Making Feeding Drops

It’s a fairly common sight to see crows down at the beach poking around in the intertidal while the tide is out. From time to time you will see them fly up and then suddenly drop back to the ground. … Continue reading

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Sharp-shinned Hawk and Crows

I walked down to Merrill Rock along the new sea walk that goes from the main Crescent Harbor parking lot down nearly to Totem Park. It is nearing completion in several sections, but still has a bit of work to … Continue reading

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Snowy Day at Totem Park

I got an e-mail this morning from someone who reported seeing a dozen or so geese off the point at Totem Park this morning. She said it was dim and she didn’t have binoculars so couldn’t see them too well, … Continue reading

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Walk to UAS

Not much time spent outside today – just walking over to the house and back this morning, then over to UAS in the afternoon. Winds were starting to pick up this afternoon with a few white caps pushing past the … Continue reading

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Northwestern Crows Observing Death

While along Crescent Harbor with Connor and Rowan recently, I noticed a few crows calling and flying across from Lincoln Street (near the Baranof Intersection) toward the Centennial Building. I didn’t think much of it at the time, but as … Continue reading

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