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Late Winter Birding

We decided to do some birding today and spent time at Totem Park as well as Starrigavan. Highlights included Black Oystercatchers and watching an American Dipper foraging at Totem Park. At Starrigavan the tide was fairly high, and a small … Continue reading

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Song Sparrows

20120415_SOSP_Etolin_Street_Donnelly_Yard-3 I went for a walk this morning and saw some Song Sparrows getting in to it along Etolin Street. The recording above is one singing in the Donnelley’s yard, it had been trading songs with another one across the … Continue reading

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Swan Lake Ducks

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Was interested to find a male Northern Pintail and a couple of male American Wigeons at Swan Lake today. My guess is they were probably failed/non-breeders (perhaps relatively young males?).

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Gallery: 20100911 Northern Pintails

Northern Pintails along shore at Totem Park.

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Recent Birds

Took a couple of trips to Totem Park, one yesterday and one today. Yesterday I saw 3 Northern Pintails, 6 smaller dabblers (I thought Green-winged Teal at the time, though they may have been Northern Shovelers), at least 4 Caspian … Continue reading

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Northern Pintail

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