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Mystery Calls – Warbler?

Download Clip Download Clip Today I heard an odd song coming from the trees and bushes on the slope behind the fire station. It started out like an Orange-crowned Warbler, but quickly veered off into unfamiliar (to me) territory. I … Continue reading

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Mussel Shells

This year down at the park I’ve noticed a bunch of mussel (Mytilus trossulus) shells washed up with the seaweed. I do not remember seeing so many in previous years. Apart from the ever present possibilities that I just didn’t … Continue reading

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Why no ice on Indian River?

Ice free Indian River January 2012 On our walk to the park last Friday, I noticed that Indian River had essentially no ice in it. Given the extreme (for here) cold we had been feeling for the past several days, … Continue reading

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American Swordgrass Moth (Xylena nupera)

Last July, Connor found a caterpillar which we thought we might try to rear by finding whatever food it wanted it. It didn’t take too long to discover that what it really wanted to do was bury itself in dirt, … Continue reading

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Bear Trail Mystery

On a November hunting trip we followed a fairly long bear trail for a while. At one point along the trail we came upon a section leading up to a sign tree that stood out to me. I’ve seen several … Continue reading

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Mystery Fungus

Pictures of a fungus collected at the recent bioblitz in Juneau. It so far has proved to be a stumper, with even experienced mycologists not recognizing it, despite it’s distinctive coarse hair-like appearance.

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