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Measuring Muskeg Puddle Depth

From looking at the surface, it’s hard to know how far you might sink down into the slurry of decaying organic matter that makes up the bottom of muskeg puddles if you had the adventure of falling in. Though I … Continue reading

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Vole Works

On more than one occasion this year, I’ve noticed much greater levels of vole activity than I have seen in previous years. I’ve hiked up Bear Mountain the last 4 years, and this year the vole runs extended much higher, … Continue reading

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Gallery: 20101027 – Hike up Indian River

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Hairy Butterwort (Pinguicula villosa)

Hairy Butterwort (Pinguicula villosa) is a small plant found on relatively dry hummocks in muskegs. Easy to overlook because of its size, this plant, with its delicate purple flower, is worth the effort to find and take a closer look … Continue reading

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Gallery: 20100522 Sphagnum and Hairy Butterwort

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Winter Weather

I had heard this year was going to be an El Nino year, which seems to correspond to relatively mild winters in Sitka, so it was interesting to see winter season getting started relatively early this year, with snow beginning … Continue reading

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