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Start of Spring Migration

Animated .gif of the radar images from 17-18 March. Red/green represent stuff in the atmosphere moving away from/towards the radar station set in the middle of the image. There’s a clear pattern of movement along the outer coast of Baranof … Continue reading

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Migrating Geese

Larger Flock – can you guess how many? One morning last week I heard what sounded like a sizable flock of geese flying overhead, so I decided to head outside and take a look. I saw two large groups, both … Continue reading

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Night Migration

I have read about observing bird migration via weather radar, and thought it might be interesting to see what showed up on the Doppler Radar station located on Biorka Island. The animated .gif shown above is color-coded by the velocity … Continue reading

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Spring Geese

This spring it was hard to miss all the geese in Sitka as they flew honking overhead or fed and rested on lawns and beaches. Based on reported sightings, at least 250 birds visited town, possibly many more. Most are … Continue reading

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16 April Photos: Migrating Birds

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22 October Photos: Eliason Harbor

Today’s photos were mostly taken at Eliason Harbor, though a couple of the migrating geese pictures were taken near Crescent Harbor and the cloud pictures were from Swan Lake.

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