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Comparing Leaves

On a recent walk up Harbor Mountain, I was reminded (by doing it) that I sometimes mistake Geranium (Geranium erianthum) leaves for monkshood (Aconitum delphiniifolium). Strangely, I don’t recall ever making the mistake in the other direction, which is probably … Continue reading

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Ducks at the Park

These ducks were taking shelter from the wind along the shore in front of the Visitor Center yesterday.

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Chromophyton (Golden Glow Mystery Revisited)

Over three years ago, I reported on a “Golden Glow Mystery” that was puzzling me. My brother and I had been hiking along Mosquito Cove Trail and I noticed a yellow something covering the surface of a muddy depression under … Continue reading

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Mystery Seedling Identified

Background for this post The summer I was working at Blue Lake and first noticed these seedlings, I figured they must be some sort of willow. Willows are somewhat notorious for being hard to identify, even with much more to … Continue reading

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Mystery Seedling

A couple of years ago I helped out on some of the environmental surveys for the Blue Lake hydro project (the city is going through the process of permitting to raise the dam and thereby increase the power supply for … Continue reading

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Mystery Flycatcher

My son pointed this bird out to me this morning as we were on our way to Totem Park. It was perched at the very top of a mid-sized Sitka Spruce and I saw it do a flycatching loop once … Continue reading

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