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Gavan Hill Forests

Gavan Hill is a fairly nondescript mountain that rises to the north of downtown. It doesn’t have the sharp peaks, extensive high country, or steep avalanche prone slopes of many of the other mountains close to town. However, over the … Continue reading

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Unexpected Clearing

I was a little surprised to wake up and find clear skies. I had thought the forecast was for rain for the forecastable future, and checking I saw that I was not wrong. However, this morning there was a break … Continue reading

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Clearing and Cooling

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Today ended up being a bit more full than I planned, as it took longer to get stuff ready for my dad’s arrival in town this evening. I was able to walk over to the bridge after class and catch … Continue reading

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Rainy Day Birds

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Rainfall was continuous today, though the intensity varied from moderate to heavy. All told, over an inch of it was recorded at the airport recording station. No doubt more fell in some of the wetter areas of town. Temperatures dropped … Continue reading

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16 January Photos: Birding and a Break in the Clouds

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This morning I stopped by Swan Lake, Marge and Tedin’s feeders, and Eliason Harbor to see what birds might be about.

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