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Mushrooms on My Mind

Bleeding Mycena (Mycena haematopus) one of many fungi pages I worked on over the past day or so. During part of the conversation from the other night, it came up that Andy is something of a mushroomer. At the time … Continue reading

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Mushroom Recovery

A couple of falls ago, I found the mushroom pictured above. It was growing on a long-stranded drift log at the end of Totem Park (now well away from the high-tide line). I noticed how dessicated it looked, and figured … Continue reading

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Spruce Cone Mushroom (Baeospora myosura)

Baeospora myosura, which I am calling Spruce Cone Mushroom, fruits primarily on Sitka Spruce (Picea sitchensis) cones. In other parts of its range, it will also grow on Douglas Fir, but they are absent in this area. According to the … Continue reading

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Gallery: 20101022 Fall Scenes

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Polypore Growth

My brother recently posted about a polypore that had grown around an alder stick, speculating on how this may have happened, given alder’s normally rapid decay, and a polypore’s presumably slow growth. The post reminded me of a picture I … Continue reading

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Late Season Mushroom

I still run into the occasional late fall mushroom as the temperatures have been dropping. I liked the lantern-like effect of the light through the gills of this one. I’m not sure what species it is. I have 4 nights … Continue reading

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