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Lengthening Days

Today was the first day I could go out after class (~5pm) and take a picture in lighting that was closer to day than night. It was definitely getting noticeably dim compared to when I arrived for class a couple … Continue reading

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Swan Lake Visit

The kids and I stopped by Swan Lake again today to see if the swans might be there. The weather was much more pleasant than yesterday, so we stayed a little longer, but did not see the swans. We did … Continue reading

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Indian River Mystery Mist

While walking at the park yesterday morning, Connor and I noticed this fog/mist hanging over the river. Connor thought it was from the stink of the dying salmon, since he had apparently previously seen it on the flume when salmon … Continue reading

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Indian River Valley

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31 January Photos: Kayaking in the Fog

Sunshine and calm gave way to a dense fog that moved in over town. Photos are from the beach before the fog settled in and then from a short kayak trip into the channel and back to Sage Beach.

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