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Gallery: 20100114 January Scenes

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Crescent Bay Ice

Temperatures overnight were below freezing, but not by a lot, so I thought it was interesting to find there was still quite a bit of ice on Crescent Bay even into the afternoon.

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More Stormy Weather

The the last couple of weeks have seen quite a bit of stormy weather around Sitka. Saturday had the highest winds of the fall storm season so far with sustained winds over 30mph and gusts up to near 60mph. Winds … Continue reading

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Sunset Trip to the Beach

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The kids and I took a walk down to the beach around sunset.

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30 December Photo: Afternoon Light over Crescent Bay

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Ice on the Water

Last February after a cool calm night, I took a morning walk to Totem Park and was interested to find that most of Crescent Bay was covered in ice. Salt water is supposed to freeze at 26F, and overnight lows … Continue reading

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