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Starrigavan and SeaMart

For our outing today, we went around Mosquito Cove Trail (counter clockwise direction) and then did the Estuary Life Trail loop. On the way back into town, Rowan pointed out an interesting looking cloud formation and while stopped at SeaMart … Continue reading

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Feeding the Birds

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Kids’ video of each other with Pine Siskins

Connor and Rowan each captured some video of the other with Pine Siskins. I spliced together the clips with minimal editing above.

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Pine Siskins and Kids

Connor has set up some bird feeders in the yard, and with recent snows they have been popular with the juncos and Pine Siskins. Pine Siskins are fairly aggressive with each other, and bold with humans. Both the kids were … Continue reading

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Snow and Clearing Skies

The clouds broke up over town this morning after snow overnight. By around noon, it was again completely overcast and the snow started shortly thereafter. Coincidentally, the kids and I headed over to SJ since someone had suggested frisbee for … Continue reading

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Walk around the Lake

Rowan’s mittened hand for scale next to a Trumpeter Swan track at Swan Lake There was a chance that frisbee might be played this morning at Moller Park, so the kids and I walked up the west side of Swan … Continue reading

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