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Alarming Robins

American Robin Alarm Calls A couple of weeks ago I was headed down to Totem Park and noticed the high frequency down slurring call of an American Robin’s aerial predator alarm. After watching a robin nest in my yard get … Continue reading

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Sad Day for Robins

Early this month, Connor noticed a Robin nest. Over the last couple of weeks while working at my computer, I’ve been watching the adults regularly come and go from the nest as they fed their growing young. Just earlier today, … Continue reading

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Nesting Raven

I was interested to see a raven gathering small twigs from a neighbor’s spruce tree today. This evening I was struck by the texture on a quarried hunk of Sitka Graywacke being used to help stabilize the edge of the … Continue reading

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Turning toward Spring

Contrary to forecast, skies over town remained mostly clear through the day. There was a bit of an east wind to make things feel a little cooler, but even so, temperatures warmed up to the low 40s. I was able … Continue reading

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My time outside today consisted of a couple of walks to the house to do some work moving stuff out of the (soon to be former) garage in preparation for its remodel into living area. Air temperatures were in the … Continue reading

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Shorebird Sounds

On a recent birding outing, I was able to record some vocal shorebirds, including one of a dozen Black Oystercatchers and a flock of Black Turnstones (with a Dunlin and 8 Rock Sandpipers mixed in, though I’m not sure if … Continue reading

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