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Murre Pairings

On the way out toward Low Island this morning I noticed several pairs of Common Murres with one member appearing to be fully transitioned to summer styles and the other still clearly in winter.   These were isolated pairs, and I … Continue reading

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Birds on the Water

Overcast and rain (changing to snow this evening) were the order of the day – though unlike many days this winter, there was little wind. I had the chance to do a little birding on the water. The trip was … Continue reading

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Eagles and Murres

This week we got to witness some excitement in the park involving Bald Eagles and Common Murres. Monday I was out on the tideflats looking for a Rock Sandpiper (which I didn’t find) when many of the birds between me … Continue reading

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Fungus and Murre

Rowan was impressed with the size of this fungus The kids and I took a short walk through Totem Park hoping to pick up a Red-breasted Sapsucker for count week, but were unsuccessful in that regard. We did hear a … Continue reading

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Walk to Totem Park

Walked down to Totem Park with the kids again today. It was pretty rainy for much of the time we were there, though the rain stopped and skies lightened a bit before we left.

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Birds and Sunlight

I had intended to take a short walk down to Totem Park to check if any shorebirds were out that way and hopefully find a Rock Sandpiper – a species which I know is around, but had not been seen … Continue reading

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