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Ducks at the Park

These ducks were taking shelter from the wind along the shore in front of the Visitor Center yesterday.

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Start of Spring Migration

Animated .gif of the radar images from 17-18 March. Red/green represent stuff in the atmosphere moving away from/towards the radar station set in the middle of the image. There’s a clear pattern of movement along the outer coast of Baranof … Continue reading

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Kids Identfying Birds

Recently my kids have been interested in trying to figure out what a bird is from pictures I’ve taken. Although both have shown some interest in birds over he the past few years, my son Connor has spent much more … Continue reading

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Shorebird Sounds

On a recent birding outing, I was able to record some vocal shorebirds, including one of a dozen Black Oystercatchers and a flock of Black Turnstones (with a Dunlin and 8 Rock Sandpipers mixed in, though I’m not sure if … Continue reading

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Red Fox Sparrow

This winter there were several Fox Sparrows hanging around the neighborhood. Most winters Fox Sparrows are Rare at best, so it was unusual to see as many as 8, despite the cooler and snowier conditions that prevailed this year as … Continue reading

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Recent Birds

Took a couple of trips to Totem Park, one yesterday and one today. Yesterday I saw 3 Northern Pintails, 6 smaller dabblers (I thought Green-winged Teal at the time, though they may have been Northern Shovelers), at least 4 Caspian … Continue reading

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