For the last couple of weeks at least, we have noticed bats flying around our neighborhood. It is difficult to tell how many there might because of how quickly they fly and the relative lack of light, but I have seen at least three at one time. They are almost certainly a species of brown … Read more


It looks like mushroom season is starting. I noticed a number of different mushrooms while I was walking around today. I took a pictures of a couple of different ones and they should be up on my photojournal before too long.

Plants at the Beach

I went for a walk at the beach a couple of days ago. The villous cinquefoil (Potentilla villosa) and black lilies (Fritillaria camschatcensis) are at the end of their blooming, while the coral root orchids (Corallorhiza sp.) seem to be at the height of theirs. A few silverweed (P. answerina) blooms have come and mostly … Read more