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Dwarf blueberries in the subalpine ripen in late summer and early fall My breakfasts tend to be simple, toast and a bowl of fruit. This morning’s fruit was stewed dwarf blueberries (Vaccinium cespitosum) that had been picked last summer or … Continue reading

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Bog Cranberries (Vaccinium oxycoccos)

Last week I took Connor and Rowan up Indian River to do a little ibutton maintenance. Although the ground had frost on it, the air was calm and the sun was high enough to provide some warmth, so I decided … Continue reading

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It was a hazy but pleasantly warm afternoon when I rode my bike to check on a patch of feral strawberries that I found a couple of years ago (wild strawberries are in the area, but these are an escaped … Continue reading

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WFW: Elderberry Fritters and Spruce Tip Honey

This week’s wild food required a little more preparation than previous weeks. I thought it would be nice to have some spruce tip honey, but knew that it takes long enough to make, that it would not be possible to … Continue reading

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Stream Violets

This week we picked Stream Violets (Viola glabella) for our wild food. Connor was a little bit over enthusiastic about his picking approach and managed to grab a fair amount of grass in with the handfuls of violets. We also … Continue reading

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WFW: Dolly Varden

Connor is especially fond of fishing and has been asking about going for quite a while. I finally got around to purchasing a fishing license today with plans to get up early with Connor to go fishing early tomorrow morning, … Continue reading

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