Weather Change

The high pressure system that has extended over the area for the last few days is finally being replaced by a lower pressure system moving in from the southern Gulf of Alaska. Originally the clear and cold temperatures were only supposed to last a couple of days, but they ended up persisting for about a … Read more


Despite the cold, the spring flowers seem to be doing okay. I saw a daffodil getting ready to bloom. It was not open yet, but the yellow was showing. I imagine that the next time it warms up enough, it will open up.

Winter Weather

For what seems like the first time this winter, the weather seems to be clear and fairly cold. Temperatures were in the 20’s last night, and they are supposed to get down into the teens tonight. It will be interesting to see how well the plants that have been showing signs of spring survive. By … Read more

Winter to Make an Appearance?

The weather forecast is for much colder temperatures by the weekend. The weather over the last few days has been overcast with temperatures in the upper 30’s and lower 40’s, but in the next couple of days it is supposed to become clear with temperatures dropping to the teens by Friday night. It will be … Read more

A Hint of Spring

It has been a mild winter here this year. There has only been one signficant (>1 inch) snowfall in town so far. On only a few days has the snow level dropped below 2700 feet (estimated by observing the fresh snow on the mountains). Despite this atypical warmth, it has still felt like winter. Part … Read more