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Tuesday Evening Sunset

Tuesdays are shaping up to be full days, and today was not an exception. I did not spend too much time outside today, but did take a few minutes this evening to get some pictures of the colorful sunset. Although … Continue reading

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Full Moon through the Clouds

It was a pretty full day between getting my brother off to the airport, various classes, and an extra webinar that I participated on. What time I spent outside was mostly going to or from various places. However, while walking … Continue reading

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End of Noctilucent Cloud Season

I saw on (a site I check daily) that this year’s northern hemisphere noctilucent cloud season is over. There was a somewhat hard to follow, but still interesting, animation of this season’s noctilucent clouds from a satellite view. Centered … Continue reading

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Yellow Pond-lily (Nuphar polysepala) Rhizome

This summer an apparently long-awaited dredging of Swan Lake occurred. I had originally thought they would go all around the lake, but in the end it seems they only went from a little to the uplake side of the peninsula … Continue reading

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Morning Low Tide and Spectacular Evening Skies

This morning the kids and I took advantage of sunny weather and a low tide to visit John Brown’s Beach and check out some of the work being done by some visiting scientists. They were setting up experiments in about … Continue reading

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Exceptional Winter Sunset

I have the impression that in addition to the timing, the character of sunsets changes throughout the year here in Sitka. Of course seasonal changes have corresponding shifts in prevailing weather patterns. As we watch from town over the months … Continue reading

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