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Exceptional Winter Sunset

I have the impression that in addition to the timing, the character of sunsets changes throughout the year here in Sitka. Of course seasonal changes have corresponding shifts in prevailing weather patterns. As we watch from town over the months … Continue reading

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Sun Pillar

Back in February 2010 I happened to be coming out of UAS at around sunset, so I went over toward the airport to get a better view of it. I was a bit surprised to see a distinct sun pillar … Continue reading

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Pastel Sunset

Although I don’t think today’s rain was ever heavy, it was steady. It made it easier for me stay inside and do more work catching up. Today’s efforts were directed more to dealing with various small critters, most of them … Continue reading

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Peregrine Falcon and Clouds

Distant Peregrine Falcon flying in front of a backdrop of billowing cumulus clouds. Taken near St. Lazaria.

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Rainbow in front of Mt. Verstovia

I was impressed by the intensity of this rainbow I saw recently, and also by its width. I remember reading that the brightness of a rainbow has to do with the size of the water droplets that the sun is … Continue reading

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Morning Clouds

It was kind of a busy day today; the last day of meeting for classes at UAS, all the grading associated with classes winding down, and getting back and forth. I did feel compelled to stop this morning to take … Continue reading

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