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Eating Stories

Dwarf blueberries in the subalpine ripen in late summer and early fall My breakfasts tend to be simple, toast and a bowl of fruit. This morning’s fruit was stewed dwarf blueberries (Vaccinium cespitosum) that had been picked last summer or … Continue reading

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Birding and Bird Language

Juvenile Marbled Murrelet Back in January got an e-mail from Jim N., who was planning to visit Sitka on a cruise ship in August and wanted to do some birding. Other than some very regular routines, I hardly know my … Continue reading

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Tracking and Moths

I woke up fairly early this morning (5:30am) and heard one of the neighborhood Song Sparrows singing. There are several around the broader neighborhood, but one in particular favors a perch that makes it very audible from my place. At … Continue reading

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Future Sit Spot?

I did not spend much time outside today, as not only are Thursdays the most scheduled day of my week, but my dad is coming in this evening, so we needed to get things ready for his arrival. Contrary to … Continue reading

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