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Graywacke Imprints

Recently I noticed some interesting imprints in the graywacke at John Brown’s Beach. As best I can tell, something that was formerly there is no longer there, and that something was different than the rest of the rock. Perhaps it … Continue reading

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Cantaloupe Falls

A couple of days ago I was standing on a sidewalk downtown when I felt something brush against my bag and then noticed a smack of something hitting the ground. I looked down to see the cantaloupe sitting there, and … Continue reading

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Gavan Hill Forests

Gavan Hill is a fairly nondescript mountain that rises to the north of downtown. It doesn’t have the sharp peaks, extensive high country, or steep avalanche prone slopes of many of the other mountains close to town. However, over the … Continue reading

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Eroding Ice

As I walked by Swan Lake while it was still mostly frozen in mid-March, I was struck by the interesting texture. From the Halibut Point Road side of things, I couldn’t really see it too closely, but thought I might … Continue reading

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Gull Notes

The gulls are on the move. While it’s possible that they are just moving locally, starting to gather in greater numbers along the shores road system where I can more easily observe them, I kind of suspect some of them … Continue reading

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Chilly March Day

Walking through Totem Park this morning, I noticed that Indian River is quite low. I guess I’ve not paid close enough attention to say if it’s as low as I have ever seen it (it’s not quite as eye catching … Continue reading

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