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Possible Blueberry Patch Die-off

Earlier this summer I had a chance to visit Blue Lake Creek valley and was interested to find an fairly extensive patch of blueberries (probably Vaccinium ovalifolium) that appeared to be pretty much dead. I did break a stem on … Continue reading

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Intertidal Star Clusters

On many occasions I’ve noticed Ochre stars (Pisaster ochraceus) gathered up together in semi-protected rock crevices. It’s easy to imagine they do that because it’s a good place to stay together and have protection from pounding surf when thee tide … Continue reading

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Long Shot Mystery Bird

Back in March 2011, I was out with a friend at the edge of the kelp patch near Low Island and saw a lone bird I did not recognize. From a distance it appeared to have something of a scoter-like … Continue reading

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Yellow Jacket Nest

On a recent walk to the park, I was interested to notice at least two different chunks of yellow jacket nests on the ground along the trail. I’m not sure what species was working on them – I’ve seen a … Continue reading

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Mystery Song

Mystery Bird Song (right click to download) I recorded this song in the neighborhood this morning, but was not able to see the bird (it seemed to be hanging out in a patch of trees, first in a large alder, … Continue reading

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Crow Behavior Mystery

While down at the beach checking out the shorebirds, I happened to catch an odd sort of interaction between several crows. I was able to get three different ~1minute video clips and posted to youtube the one with the best … Continue reading

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