Daily Observations

Took a short walk down to the park today to take a picture of the angel-wing fungus. It’s getting noticably cooler. Weather: It felt pretty chilly today. The pattern of periodic rain showers moving through continued from yesterday. The difference was today between showers the sun actually appeared at times. Birds: I did not spend … Read more

Recent Observations

This week was filled with meetings and other preparations for school, so I did not spend as much time outside as I have through much of the summer. Weather: It’s been pretty damp all week. This morning especially there was a lot of rain. Temperatures have continued to be in the upper 50s through the … Read more


It looks like mushroom season is starting. I noticed a number of different mushrooms while I was walking around today. I took a pictures of a couple of different ones and they should be up on my photojournal before too long.