Can Harbor Seals Smell Danger?

Back on the first of October, I mentioned seeing interesting Harbor Seal behavior while at Totem Park. The photo above shows three of the 5 seals I saw in the same confined area while at the park that day. Though it is not possible to tell from the photo directly, the water they are in … Read more

2 February Photos: Morning Moonset and Afternoon Boat Cruise

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This morning the moonset was interesting, and though I narrowed down my selection of photos drastically, I still could not seem to limit myself to just a couple. Other photos are from an afternoon cruise on an Allen Marine boat with people from SJ.

Daily Observations

This afternoon we went on an Allen Marine trip for a couple of hours. It was a little breezy, but there were plenty of whales out towards Vitskari. Weather: Another day of clear and chilly conditions. Winds were a little stronger. There was a pretty good breeze coming out of Silver Bay, it looked like. … Read more