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Spring Birds and Moths

Despite overcast and light rain, I decided to see if the hybrid duck would be up along the shore with the high tide around noon. It was there, but never came particularly close to me during the time I spent … Continue reading

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White Nudibranch

Last week Rowan found a small white nudibranch at John Brown’s Beach. It was one I had not seen before (which isn’t not particularly notable, since I haven’t spent a lot of time on marine life), but it seemed reasonably … Continue reading

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Black-clawed Crab (Lophopanopeus bellus)

Black-clawed Crab (Lophopanopeus bellus) is a species I’ve seen a couple of times now at John Brown’s Beach. I am uncertain how common it is in general. Rowan found this one during a recent low tide, and since I didn’t … Continue reading

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Low Tide at Sage Beach and John Brown’s Beach

We spent some time down at Sage Beach this morning where Connor gathered some seaweed for the garden and Rowan looked for an (apparently) unusual type of seaweed she found on Monday. Connor got 5 buckets of seaweed, but no … Continue reading

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Low Tide and first Moths

Today was the first low tide that seemed like a good spring tide. It wasn’t all that low at a predicted -1.2 or so, but it occurred in daylight hours in the morning. Rowan likes to search for things at … Continue reading

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South Beach at Halibut Point Rec

Although it was my turn to pick where we would hike today, I offered to trade days with Rowan since I was not feeling up to doing anything very long on this sunny Saturday. She prefers shorter outings with less … Continue reading

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