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Gulls and a Sea Star

On a trip to Magic Island last February, I noticed a young gull working on a small sunstar (Pycnopodia helianthoides). It didn’t seem too excited about it, but picked at the legs, and then didn’t seem too excited about eating … Continue reading

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Mystery Eggs Revisted

If you’ve not seen the mystery presented, check out the original posting first

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Remains of Sea Star?

I’ve been hearing about sea star wasting disease for a year or two, mostly in the context of it devastating some populations along the west coast of Washington, Oregon, and California. However, there has been on-going monitoring for it here. … Continue reading

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Ground Dogwood Growing from Yellow Cedar

While walking the Forest and Muskeg trail yesterday, I stopped to take the pictures I’m using on this post. There are two things in particular that catch my eye, one that I noticed at the time (and prompted me to … Continue reading

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Sand Trails on Rock – My Thoughts

Original post where the mystery is offered. If you’ve not read it already, check it out and then come back here. Given the uniformity of the trail, my best guess at this time is a gastropod of some sort. Perhaps … Continue reading

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Pygmy Rock Crab (Glebocarcinus oregonensis)

With this past weekend’s full moon (which I only saw briefly through the clouds) we had another nice low tide series. I didn’t end up braving the rain to make it down to the beach, but thought I would share … Continue reading

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