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Bird Notes and Observations

Swan Lake Fog and Ducks, Sunset Colors

On my way back from Tlingit class this afternoon, I stopped by Swan Lake to see what might be around. The ice seems to be completely gone, but there was still some fog lingering on the surface of the lake. … Continue reading

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Yellow Warbler and Fly

Mid-November is very late in the year for a Yellow Warbler to be around. When Rowan and I spent some time watching one she had spotted last week, it was very actively looking for food. It was funny to see … Continue reading

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Half-alseep Northern Shoveler

A Northern Shoveler was at Swan Lake last week. They only occasionally are seen here in the winter, so it’s getting a bit late for one to be around. This one seemed fairly unafraid of Rowan’s and my presence, as … Continue reading

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Kamenoi Beach

On this second (and final) weekend of my dad’s visit up here, we all had the opportunity to go with a friend to Kruzof Island. Rowan and I planned to sit on the beach and relax while the others went … Continue reading

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Continuing Sun

Sunny and calm weather continued. Frost has really built up in the shady areas, but air temperatures are not especially cold during the day. Although my day was fairly full, I did take a few minutes between lunch and the … Continue reading

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Anna’s Hummingbirds

Late October Anna’s Hummingbird silhouetted against a bright sky For over a year now, Anna’s Hummingbirds seem to have been continuously present in at least some Sitka neighborhoods. They are easier to overlook when plenty of Rufous Hummingbirds are keeping … Continue reading

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