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Kamenoi Beach

On this second (and final) weekend of my dad’s visit up here, we all had the opportunity to go with a friend to Kruzof Island. Rowan and I planned to sit on the beach and relax while the others went … Continue reading

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Continuing Sun

Sunny and calm weather continued. Frost has really built up in the shady areas, but air temperatures are not especially cold during the day. Although my day was fairly full, I did take a few minutes between lunch and the … Continue reading

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Late Fall Shorebirds

In a very busy Tuesday, I took a couple of minutes to stop down at the True Value parking lot to check on our late fall shorebirds. I believe the prior late date for a Marbled Godwit was one that … Continue reading

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Northern Mockingbird Continues

It was unseasonably warm (and warmer than forecast), with temperatures reaching 50F (or pretty close). I don’t know, but wonder if this was due in part to only partly cloudy skies that allowed plenty of sun through during the day. … Continue reading

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Storm Warning

Forecast was for strong winds this evening and overnight, but as I came home after visiting Marge (over an hour after the advisory took effect) it was very calm, almost strangely so. It actually made me wonder if we were … Continue reading

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Gulls on the Ramp

A slightly less hectic day, I did have a meeting over at UAS for a project I’ve been working on. Since I now have a working bicycle again, I thought it would be good to take it rather than drive … Continue reading

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