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Low Tide in the Fog

This morning we went down to the science center for a brief talk followed up by beach walk. The talk focused on possible effects of climate change on intertidal life, highlighting some of the results seen during the speaker’s PhD … Continue reading

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Getting Back to It

It’s taking me a while to settle back in after back to back trips at the end of June into the first week of July, but it seems like it’s time to get back into the posting habit. I have … Continue reading

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Young Birds

There was some wind and heavy rain this morning, but things settled down later in the day. I spent some time playing frisbee early this afternoon, and at Moller Park there was only an intermittent light wind out of the … Continue reading

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Moth Captures

Weather-wise, things seemed much nicer than forecast, at least in the morning, though I didn’t spend a lot of time out in it. I decided to take care of several collections from the past week or two that had been … Continue reading

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Ultimate Rainbow

Overcast with some intense showers moving through gave way to partially clearing skies by early afternoon. Heavy clouds lingered over the mountain peaks, but over the water blue sky emerged between billowing cumulus that were quickly moving and breaking apart, … Continue reading

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John Brown’s Beach Revisited

It was quite rainy for the morning yesterday, though it started to ease up a bit in the afternoon. Tuesday evening I saw a report of a bird that had been singing unlike any of our expected species, so I … Continue reading

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