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Northern Mockingbird Continues

It was unseasonably warm (and warmer than forecast), with temperatures reaching 50F (or pretty close). I don’t know, but wonder if this was due in part to only partly cloudy skies that allowed plenty of sun through during the day. … Continue reading

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Storm Warning

Forecast was for strong winds this evening and overnight, but as I came home after visiting Marge (over an hour after the advisory took effect) it was very calm, almost strangely so. It actually made me wonder if we were … Continue reading

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Gulls on the Ramp

A slightly less hectic day, I did have a meeting over at UAS for a project I’ve been working on. Since I now have a working bicycle again, I thought it would be good to take it rather than drive … Continue reading

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Sunset from O’Connell Bridge

It was a sunny and reasonably warm day, and though I was tempted to take Rowan out for a hike somewhere, we ended up staying home and taking care of some tasks that have been waiting. A little over a … Continue reading

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Sunny Fall Day

Although I had quite a bit going on with a planning call for a new call series (that starts tomorrow), I took a little extra time to walk to language class. It was a sunny warm day, but given that … Continue reading

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View from Totem Park

The mixed weather continued today with brief sunny breaks punctuating otherwise mostly cloudy skies with occasional showers. On a walk to the park this morning, sunlight shining down through the clouds made for some dramatic lighting on the hills and … Continue reading

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