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Afternoon Showers

Occasional showers seemed to be the weather for today. This morning there was some hail associated with them, but later in the afternoon it was just rain. With the low angle sun, if there’s enough of a break in the … Continue reading

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Swan Lake Fog

Fog this morning gave way to partly sunny skies by noon. It seemed as though the fog had lifted and gone completely, though I was not really a position where I could observe a wider area. By mid-afternoon (2:30-3pm) fog … Continue reading

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I took these cloud pictures last Monday in part because of the interesting fine textures – I assume these tell me something about the winds, but I’m not sure what Overnight the clouds moved back in. I looked outside this … Continue reading

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Kamenoi Beach

On this second (and final) weekend of my dad’s visit up here, we all had the opportunity to go with a friend to Kruzof Island. Rowan and I planned to sit on the beach and relax while the others went … Continue reading

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Continuing Sun

Sunny and calm weather continued. Frost has really built up in the shady areas, but air temperatures are not especially cold during the day. Although my day was fairly full, I did take a few minutes between lunch and the … Continue reading

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Late Fall Shorebirds

In a very busy Tuesday, I took a couple of minutes to stop down at the True Value parking lot to check on our late fall shorebirds. I believe the prior late date for a Marbled Godwit was one that … Continue reading

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