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Indian River Valley

After a brief walk around the park this morning, I went with Connor, Rowan, and my dad up Indian River for a while. It started out clear and sunny this morning, but by the time we were coming back, the … Continue reading

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Indian River ibuttons

It was time to change the ibuttons up Indian River, so that was today’s outing. It was a pleasant day for a walk, but only a couple of things caught my eye – scum collecting against a log, and some … Continue reading

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Indian River Ice and Snow

With the recent period of cold weather, I thought it would be interesting to take a walk up Indian River trail to check out the ice situation. As I expected, there was very little ice up to the first first … Continue reading

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Shore Pine in the Sun

Today’s weather was sunny and a bit cool, with wind in some exposed locations. It would have been a nice day for a longer hike, but I haven’t been feeling 100% lately and didn’t feel like it was worth pushing … Continue reading

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Forest and Muskeg Trail

Connor picked today’s walk. We just had the morning, and he said he wanted to go out to Starrigavan. I suggested maybe the Forest and Muskeg Trail, since we had not been on that one for a while, and someone … Continue reading

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Gavan Hill Hike

It was a nice sunny day, and Connor, Rowan, and I headed up Gavan Hill with the goal of getting to the ridge line. Although there was snow on the trail, it was not particularly icy nor deep, so it … Continue reading

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