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Birding and Yard Work

Probably a Nevada Arches Moth (Lacanobia nevadae), but it would be nice to get that confirmed. Apparently an uncommon species throughout its range. Today I did a little birding – looked around the estuary at Starrigavan and walked some of … Continue reading

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Long Shot Mystery Bird

Back in March 2011, I was out with a friend at the edge of the kelp patch near Low Island and saw a lone bird I did not recognize. From a distance it appeared to have something of a scoter-like … Continue reading

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Boat Trip to St. Lazaria

The forest service was running a training for local guides to learn some birds, and I was able to participate on some of the activities (some were open to the public generally, but the boat trip was available because not … Continue reading

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Walk to Totem Park

When I went to bed last night I had been considering showing some sort of ambition and going for a decent walk this morning – maybe up Indian River, or perhaps Harbor Mountain Road. However, when I woke to a … Continue reading

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Low Island at Low Tide

St. Lazaria as seen from Low Island Today we made a second try for Low Island. We needed to be back in town by 11:30am, so we arranged to meet at the harbor at 7am. I was a few minutes … Continue reading

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Morning Birds, Evening Yard Work

Two Marbled Godwits – the one in the foreground is distinctly paler than the more typically colored one in the background I got up relatively early (at least compared to my recent rise times) and biked over to the Turnaround … Continue reading

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