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I am an aspiring naturalist who seeks to learn all that I can about the more-than-human aspects of this place that is my home.

Clear Skies and Migrating Birds(?)

The forecast was for mostly sunny skies this afternoon, but by the time I looked outside this morning, it was already pretty clear out. I had some work to do on a consulting project that kept me inside for the … Continue reading

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Singing Robins

I didn’t spend too much time outside today. It was a relatively warm and calm day, with forecast rain holding off until this evening (what I read this morning suggested it would start raining after 1pm, and perhaps it did … Continue reading

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Walking and Kayaking

After the snow this weekend, today’s forecast was for mostly sunny and temperatures into the upper 40s. After making sure to shut my computer down by 11pm last night (having spent too many previous nights not getting to sleep until … Continue reading

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Silver Bay Panorama

Snow showers continued overnight, and there was an accumulation of 3 or 4 inches by this morning. As the day wore on, the warmer temperatures and sun between showers resulted in a fair bit of snow melting. Despite the additional … Continue reading

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Herring Weather

The weather has been unsettled with the temperature falling as the day went on. There were sunny breaks between rain showers, but by this evening the precipitation had shifted to snow, sometimes falling heavily. I spent a little time today … Continue reading

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Fallen Junco

It was a blustery rainy day with temperatures in the 40s. Rain wasn’t steady, instead moving through in squalls, some of them fairly fierce as the day went on into night. I returned home from being out to a message … Continue reading

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