Walking the Beach in Search of Gulls

With social distancing recommended, and increasingly mandated through closures and restrictions, my day-to-day life hasn’t really changed that much. Most of my work, I do from home. The exception is teaching at UAS, but that’s only a couple of mornings per week, and last week was off for spring break. (Now it turns out this … Read more

Sunny Sunday Outing

March sunshine continued today, with temperatures warmer than they have been so far during this stretch (still freezing overnight, however). Winds were calm when I went out late this morning and spent some time listening to the birds and poking around in my yard (I should definitely think about doing a bit of shrub rearranging … Read more

Sitka Nature Show #206 – Taylor White

Download Radio Show The March 15th show featured a conversation with Taylor White, who shared about her work studying pinto abalone (Haliotis kamtschatkana) in Southeast Alaska as part of her PhD research being done with UCSC. You can learn more about her work and contact her through her page on the RC Lab website If … Read more

Slowly Warming Under High Pressure

It was cold overnight, but warmer today. Despite how warm it seems in direct sun, I noticed it still feels quite chilly in the shade or where wind blows. It wasn’t as windy today as it had been yesterday (I didn’t see much snow blowing off mountains today – I hadn’t looked yesterday, but so … Read more

Ochrolechia Investigations

Clear skies continued overnight, with chilly temperatures this morning. By the time I went out for a brief walk this afternoon, it was significantly warmer, but I could still feel a chill in the air where I walked through shaded locations and when the the wind blew. I only had limited time and had two … Read more

Pine Grosbeaks and Snowy Mountains

I think there may have been a marine layer over town during the night (or early morning), since I didn’t see blue skies when I first looked out the window not long after sunrise. When I got up later in the morning, it was sunny, with just some wisps of lower clouds around Gavan Hill. … Read more