Winter Birds and Sunset

Temperatures were below freezing overnight and this morning, though no additional snow had fallen. Karen J. saw a couple of Snow Buntings over at the airport mid-morning, and although I was on a call for work, I took advantage of mobile technology and went over there with Connor. Unfortunately, the Snow Buntings had moved, and … Read more

Snow, Birds, and Waves

It snowed a little last night, but not as much as had been forecast as a possibility. The forecast did mention the amounts could vary significantly depending on the path individual snow showers took, and it appeared none of the heavier snow showers hit town overnight. We spent a good chunk of the morning eating … Read more

New Year Outings

Temperatures dropped overnight, and the snow was down to only hundred feet or so on the mountains. Temperatures dropped a bit more and snow came down to sea level by late morning. My dad had wanted to see the marble, and take a small chunk or two to try cutting and polishing. As he and … Read more